Frequently Asked Questions

I am not an Officer or Engineer. How and what do I revalidate?

If you hold an AMSA issued Certificate of Safety Training and do not hold any higher AMSA issued STCW qualifications and you are a Marine Cook, Steward, GPH or Deckhand (not a rating or higher) and your AMSA issued STCW qualifications have never been endorsed with Advanced Fire Training or Proficiency in Survival Craft Other Than Fast Rescue Boats then you need to complete either our One Day CoST Refresher or Two Day CoST Revalidation Course.

I completed my Certificate of Safety Training more than 5 years ago. How do I go about revalidation?

If your current certificate has no expiry date (is issued as perpetual) then it expired on 31/12/16. If your CoST expired some time in the past 5 years and you have not worked on a ship for at least 5 years then you would need to complete our Two Day Revalidation Course. If you have not previously completed Security Awareness Training then you would need to complete our SAT online course as well.

I hold a Certificate of Competence for my work as a Rating or higher. How do I go about revalidation of my qualifications?

If your AMSA issued STCW qualifications include Advanced Fire Training or Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats (PSC) then you must complete refresher training for those qualifications.

Maritime Career Training is approved by AMSA to deliver Advanced Fire Refresher Training  and PSC Refresher Training. Please refer to Course Dates for Advanced Refresher courses. Where will ask you to enrol and pay for your training.

My Certificate of Safety Training was issued as a Perpetual Certificate. When do I have to revalidate it?

All certificates issued as Perpetual should have been revalidated on or before 31/12/16 in order for holders of these certificates to continue working in the Maritime Industry after 31/12/16.

What is the difference between “One Day Refresher Training” and “Two Day Revalidation Training”?

One Day Refresher Training is a term we have adopted to describe the training required of those holders of Certificate of Safety Training who can prove to AMSA that they have more than 3 months appropriate sea service over the last 6 months or 1 year over the last 5 years. Appropriate sea service involves work on near coastal or ocean going ships, platforms, barges, oil rigs etc. but must include your regular participation in Abandon Ship and Fire Drills. Maritime Career Training offers the One Day Refresher Training for $970 and it is completed through approximately 6 hours of online learning to be completed by 5pm on the Friday in the week before attending the one day face to face training (on a Wednesday) at our training centre.

Revalidation Training is a term we use to describe the training needed by people who do not have sufficient appropriate sea service. In this case the training involves the full Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Course as well as the Personal Survival Techniques Course. At Maritime Career training we offer this over two days practical attendance (on a Tuesday and a Wednesday) plus about 16 hours of online learning to complete by 5pm on the Friday of the week before the face to face attendance for a cost of $1,700. We strongly recommend this training to any student who has not been working on a SOLAS compliant vessel.

How do I lodge my application to AMSA for revalidation of my Certificate of Safety Training?

Complete AMSA form 419 (download from AMSA’s website) and lodge through an AMSA appointed Australia Post Office with the required attachments and a fee of $112. AMSA quote 28 days to process an application.