Enrolment Conditions


If you have been exposed to COVID since arriving in Queensland from another state or if you are a resident of Queensland and it is likely that you have been exposed to COVID and you have not since completed a COVID test with a negative result, please do not come to our Training Centre.

If you have COVID symptoms such as coughing and a high temperature, please do not come to our Training Centre.

If in doubt please email ml@stcw95.net

The online learning parts of the Multi-Modal delivery of FIRE, PST & PSSR must be completed in advance of the face to face classroom delivery of these subjects.

Security Awareness Training is delivered entirely online and must be completed within 12 months of the issue of the username and password which provide access to the training.

Smoking is permitted in the designated area only – No smoking is permitted anywhere on the training premises except in the designated ‘Smoking’ area at the eastern end of the property. This is a requirement of our lease to occupy the premises and will be strictly enforced.

Rotary-ShaversMen must be clean shaven with no facial hair In order to complete the Self Contained breathing Apparatus (SCBA) training men must be clean shaven and have no facial hair at all. Otherwise a good mask seal is not possible and the SCBA cannot be properly operated.

Being late for practical face to face classes – Our AMSA Certificate of Safety Training (CoST) comprises two days of face to face training – Fire & PST. AMSA require that all candidates for the CoST attend the whole of each course. Any person arriving at the training centre more than 5 minutes late may at the Principal’s discretion be disqualified from that course, no course completion certificate will be issued for that course and no refund will be offered. Students who are disqualified from a course can apply to attend a future delivery of the course subject to their payment of the full course fee for the second attendance.

Additional AMSA Fee – This course is approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). On successful completion of the course you will receive a Course Completion Certificate. In order to receive an AMSA Certificate of Safety Training (STCW95 Basic Safety Training Certificate) you must complete AMSA Smartform 419 and pay them a fee (currently $112) for the certificate issue. You should allow at least 28 days for that to be sent out.

First Aid RCC – As a pre-requisite to attending the face to face training, you must hold a current Provide First Aid Statement of Attainment (SOA) so that you can apply to MCT for Recognition of your Current Competencies (RCC) in first aid. You can attend a Provide First Aid course conducted by any Registered Training Organisation in Australia. Courses generally cost anywhere from about $95 to $170 and are usually completed in 2 days or 1 day plus some hours of online learning. We can recognise SOA which are less than 3 years old and where you can provide evidence that you have refreshed the CPR component within the 12 months before our CoST course completion.

What to Wear – Please wear modest clothes at all times during your attendance on this course. You must wear long pants and a long sleeved top preferably of natural fibres for your safety for the practical fire fighting. Bring a change of clothes if you wish as you will get hot and sweaty during the practical! Please note that clothing will get dirty and wet. It is an AMSA requirement and you will be disqualified from Personal Survival Techniques (PST) part of the course unless you wear long legged pants and a long sleeved top with sand shoes or sneakers in the pool. Please bring a change of clothes and a towel to the pool.

What to Bring – A writing pad and a black pen. Please bring your drivers licence or passport or other photo ID acceptable to MCT as proof of your identity. Your photo ID will be scanned and an image retained for our records on the first day. Please keep a note of the photo ID number for completing forms on the other days.

Food – Bring your own lunch. Coffee and Tea are provided at no charge. Soft drinks can be purchased at the training centre.

Parking – Ample parking is available in the lower car park. Please do not park in the upper car park as this area is reserved for Instructor’s vehicles.

Disruptive Behaviour – A warning will be given to students who behave in a disruptive manner during classroom training or who fail to follow the instructor’s directions during the practical parts of the course. If a student continues to act in a disruptive manner then that student will be expelled from the course and no refund will be given.

Drug and Alcohol consumption – The taking of non-prescription drugs and alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the training premises or the car park. Any student found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be disqualified from the course and no refund will be given.

Please switch off your Mobile Phone – Please ensure that your mobile phone is switched off during classes. Texting is not permitted during classes and assessments.