The acronym STCW95 is often used to describe the STCW Basic Safety Training now required by all crew intending to pursue a career on a superyacht or merchant ship.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is the only maritime regulator in the World who have formalised the STCW Basic Safety Training into a marine qualification. The marine qualification is called “Certificate of safety Training” or “CoST”.

Maritime Career Training delivers more CoST courses than anyone else in Australia. We are the only training college in Australia approved by AMSA to deliver all the theory for the CoST course online. That means that we can deliver all the practical parts of the training in just 3 days of Face to Face classroom attendance.

For the convenience of our students we hold the classroom delivery over a Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The course cost is just $2,295.

First Aid is a pre-requisite for the course. We can formally recognise a student’s competency in first aid if the student holds a current Provide First Aid Statement of Attainment. Otherwise it is necessary to attend a Provide First Aid course at any conveniently located RTO. This usually involves about 5 hours of online learning plus 7 hours of classroom attendance and can cost anything between $95 and $170.

AMSA charge an additional $112 when the student applies for the issue of the Certificate of safety Training. Applications are accepted through designated Australia Post Offices.