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Refresher Training

Maritime Career Training only provides refresher training for Certificate of Safety Training. To qualify for the One Day Refresher Training you must have 1 year seatime on a vessel 24 metres or longer in the past 5 years or 3 months in the past 1 year. If your seatime was on a vessel shorter than 24 metres please contact AMSA ( or 02 6279 5000) to find out if they will accept your seatime. One Day Refresher training involves about 5 hours of online learning plus one day face to face training.

If you do not meet AMSA’s seatime requirements then you will have to complete our 2 Day Revalidation training. This comprises the entire Fire and PST training and involves about 16 hours of online learning plus 2 days face to face attendance.

If you do not hold an Australian, AMSA issued Certificate of Safety Training then AMSA are not involved in your revalidation training as they will not recognise your current qualifications. However, the flag state who approved your original training may well accept the revalidation or refresher training that we offer. Please ask the issuer of your current qualification or the Master of your vessel for clarification.