Help with Online Learning

I have ‘Finalised and Submitted’ my online learning and now the progress shows zero percent completed:

This is normal. Once you ‘Finalise and Submit’ a Module of study the progress percentage that you see is reset to zero.

I am having problems with the online learning. It does not seem to be working properly.

The online learning system that we use has proven to be extremely reliable and fault free with several hundreds of students having successfully completed the online learning.

Problems with reliability can be caused by

  1. An unreliable internet connection at your end or
  2. Use of a non-compatible Web Browser. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the Google Chrome Browser. It can be downloaded free from the internet.
  3. Another possibility can be that you have closed your connection to the online learning site before it has completed the ‘Finalise and Submit’ process. Please wait until you receive a message confirming the process before disconnecting from the online learning website.

I have Finalised and Submitted all online learning modules but have heard nothing back from Maritime Career Training

Please call Maria Lenton during normal office hours on 0438 303 714 or email her on Maria periodically checks the online learning progress of students and will automatically contact you if the work has not been completed before the face to face training commences.