First Aid Online Access

Access Instructions

Before commencing the pre-course course self study, please read all the way through these instructions

In relation to our issue of an STCW compliant, AMSA approved Elementary First Aid Course Completion Certificate:

If you hold an existing Provide First Aid or Apply First Aid or Senior First Aid certificate which is recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework


it was issued less than 2 years before the start date of our CoST course


you have renewed your CPR within the past 12 months

then you can apply for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC).

To apply for RCC please send a scan of your most recent certificates to Barry Barnes at with a request for RCC for STCW compliant Elementary First Aid.

If RCC is granted then you do not have to enrol in our first aid training for an additional $149.

If RCC is not granted then you must enrol in our Provide First Aid Training Course at an additional cost of $149.

If you complete the online learning and attend the one day first aid class then you will be issued a nationally recognised Provide First Aid Statement of Attainment in addition to the AMSA approved Course Completion Certificate for the STCW compliant Elementary First Aid.


The online part of our training enables you to complete pre-course study of first aid procedures.

The online assessment is in ‘blocks’ of 2 questions each. You will find out the result at the end of each online assessment block and those questions you did not answer correctly will be highlighted.

You may have multiple attempts at the online assessment but each attempt is the full assessment for that block (not just the ones you got wrong). You must correctly answer all questions in the block in order to progress to the next block.

CPR PracticeEach attempt is tracked by the assessor and when you attend the face to face component, the assessor will go over with you any areas that are still concerning. Of course this does not prevent you contacting the assessor at any stage prior to the face to face day in the classroom.

During our one day classroom delivery of first aid theory, the practice of first aid in various emergency scenarios, the use of an AED trainer and Resuscitation Practice Mannequins, you will then build upon your knowledge base to a level where we can assess you to provide lifesaving first aid in an emergency situation.

Please note, the pre-course assessment is for you to gauge your progress through the learning material. You will undertake the final theory and practical assessment during the face to face course.

If you are not confident about using a computer to complete this formative self-study please contact Dan O’Kane on 0422 939 173.

To Commence your online learning and assessment:

  1. Enrol and pay for the course – Press the Enrol button (if you are using a mobile device click on the Menu option to reveal the menu selections first).
  2. Email Dan O’Kane on