1 Day PST and Fire Refresher Course

1 Day PST and Fire Refresher Course (1 Day Refresher) From just $895

AMSA Certificates of Safety Training (CoST) issued in the past as perpetual certificates expire on 31/12/16. See Marine Notice 20/2016 regarding a special exemption which allows the holder to continue to work on a ship from 31/12/16 until 30/6/17.

If you can provide evidence to AMSA when applying for revalidation of your CoST that you meet the specific sea service requirements specified by AMSA relating to Personal Survival Techniques (PST) and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF) and you have completed the Security Awareness Training then you can apply to AMSA to have your CoST revalidated for a further 5 years by completing this 1 day Refresher course.

At Maritime Career Training we deliver this 1 day course on a Sunday from 0730 to 1800. This includes the PST practical refresher at the Kawana Aquatic Centre. We also require 1 Day Refresher Course students to complete approximately 5 hours of online theory refresher training for Personal Survival Techniques (PST) prior to the practical classroom attendance.

Please go to AMSA’s website for information about qualifying sea time for the 1 day CoST refresher course. You can complete this course now in order to revalidate your CoST for five years.

We encourage you to enrol early to ensure that you have a place on one of our courses. The cost of this one day Refresher course is $970 or pay more than 60 days before the course starts and pay just $895. We suggest that you take advantage of these special prices early because they are likely to go up soon.

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