Certificate of Safety Training, 3 days in classroom + online, from just $1,695

(includes SAT Online, PSSR, PST & FIRE) if you complete your payment more than 60 days before the course starts.

Complete your payment more than 30 days before the course starts & pay just $1,995 

Complete your payment less than 30 days before the course starts & pay $2,095 

PST and PSSR Student Workbooks: $50 each  plus $20 Postage and Handling plus GST, total cost for PST & PSSR Workbooks printed, bound and delivered: $132. Alternatively download or print your own from our website at no cost.

Provide First Aid: An additional $149 if you do not already hold a current qualification. (1 day in the classroom plus online)

First Aid CPR Refresher – An additional $75 if you hold a current Provide First Aid Certificate but require CPR revalidation. (4 hours in the classroom)

Security Awareness Training Online $280 if required as a stand-alone course. It is already included in the Certificate of Safety Training Course at no additional cost.

One day + online Certificate of Safety Training Refresher course $895  (includes essential elements of PST & FIRE delivered in one day) if you complete your payment more than 60 days before the course starts. Otherwise the cost is $970 if you complete your payment less than 60 days before the course starts.

2 day + online Certificate of Safety Training Revalidation course $1,395 (includes FIRE & PST Online/Multi-Modal)


Summary of Abbreviations

SAT – Security Awareness Training (online only)

PSSR – Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

PST – Personal Survival Techniques (two days for the full course)

FIRE – Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (three days for the full course)

First Aid – (pre-course online learning plus one day in the classroom)

Multi-Modal – A combination of online study at home or onboard ship plus a reduced number of hours face to face in the classroom for revision and final written assessment.

Please note that additional charges will be payable directly to AMSA when you apply for your new marine qualification or revalidation of an existing qualification. Currently AMSA charge a fee of $112 for the processing and issue of a Certificate of Safety Training.